Death Cab for Cutie Sucks

December 4, 2009

Being the musical Luddite that I am, I only recently began to listen to DCC’s music, thanks to a friend. To call it “girl rock” would be kind. A better term would be “early pubescent girls’ music.” The band is clearly just a vehicle for Benjamin Gibbard‘s startling voice. The lyrics are strange in that they all rhyme. The band is nothing more then a session band, rhythmically repeating riffs over and over again through each song.

Death Cab for Cutie does not rock.

November 13, 2009



Dinner tonight



PlayStation 3 Commercials

November 11, 2009

UPDATE: as of Christmas ’10, I am now the proud owner of a PS3.  I’ve had to send it back twice, but now I am living the dream.




I do not own a modern gaming system.  I am stuck in 2001 with an original Xbox.  Nevertheless, I appreciate humor when it is done well. Some of these are funnier than others.


Dustin vs. PlayStation
Joe the Fan
It Only Does Family Togetherness
$299 Rumor (original)
$299 Rumor (revised)
Uncharted 2
Unsatisfied Girlfriend